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Organic Chest Stick

Pitta Patta Chest Stick 50ml


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Pitta Patta Chest Stick – A solid stick that rolls onto the upper chest and back of a baby and child to ease the symptoms of colds.

Size: 50ml

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most valuable oils for treating the respiratory system.
Revolutionary NO MESS stick that is applied directly to the upper chest and back of children.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a decongestant and has strong germicidal and antibacterial qualities.
Eucalyptus helps to loosen phlegm and improve lung function.
Suitable for use from 3 months of age.

Rub the stick gently over your child’s upper back and chest area and let the ingredients work their magic.

SLS and Paragons free, Not tested on animals, ethically produced, 100% Recyclable Packaging